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Meet DeeJa B.

Mom, Serial Entrepreneur, & Motivational Speaker


Do you want to be good or do your want to be exceptional?

DeeJa B.

Ever since DeeJa was a child she was blessed with the ability to see & experience the world differently with her gifts & numerous talents. After becoming a young mother, her determination for simply wanting more for the life of her child was the one thing that has catapulted her into the woman you see today. With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry & after walking away from her job in Corporate American, DeeJa has grown to become a successful business woman. She's been able to utilize her skills as a business woman to launch her way into the real estate industry & become a force as a motivation speaker to inspire entrepreneurs. Through this journey, she has been able to contribute to the start up & growth of a number of small businesses. DeeJas' mission is to ignite change & the power of belief into aspiring entrepreneurs & the working class who desire more out of life.  

DeeJa offers a variety of coaching & business consulting services to those who are wanting to step out on faith and start a new business venture or move up in the corporate world. Creating & analyzing strategies for you to become successful by identifying & crushing your bad habits or weaknesses, reshaping your thinking, & identifying your strengths & your passion which is one of the many things people struggle with when finding the right steps for the right path in life.

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