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It's Either You Push Yourself or SETTLE!

It's so easy to stop. It's so easy to give in but believe it or not, giving up creates this complicated life that no one wants. Boggled down this bills, not being able to travel out of the country, not being able to attend social gathering because you don't have the money to get dressed up and look your best, & even something as simple as not being able to go to one of your favorite restaurants because you don't have the money to pay for dinner AND tip. Well that is the life that most people hate but yet it is so easy for some to give up on their dreams and give up on the life that they want to live. Think about some of the things that you are unable to do in your life right now do to not being financially stable. Guess what, if you give up on the things you want in life, you better get use to that feeling. Either you keep going and push yourself no matter what or SETTLE for the lifestyle you have now. Your choice! I choose to PUSH!

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