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How To Become or Remain A Person of Action During The Scariest Times.

It is currently April 7th, 2020 at 2:35 am as I am here writing the 1st blog on the new website for my business. Creating this website in under 48 hours with very few breaks in between from start to finish, my level of excitement on whats to come overshadows my sleepiness therefore, I feel I feel no exhaustion. We are in the mist of the Covid-19 crisis that has struck the entire world by surprise. Right now at this very moment I feel as though I am in a cross road and I am filled with so much excitement, confusion, and joy all at once because of the time given by God that I am using to reflect on my goals, get so many things done that I claimed to have not had the time for not long ago, & I've also been taking this time to create so many new opportunities. My head is so clear and focused right now that it is indescribable. The ideas and plans that my head is filled with right now feels so real, it's as if I can reach out and touch them. It's as if I can breath the smell of the air of the wonderful days that are ahead of me. This positive space & positive energy has allowed me to see more opportunities in these last 2 weeks than I've seen in the first 3 months of this year all because I did not give up, I did not sit still, & I hit the ground running immediately. This Covid-19 crisis has changed my entire outlook on life. Things are clearer than I've ever seen in life & understanding of it. I understand now more than ever that you only get one life and it is up to you to make sure that you are not just waking up every morning to take up space in the world. Instead, it is your duty to cherish everyday, contribute to the world, & live in it fully, spiritually, & to your absolute fullest potential. Love hard on the ones that love you back, demolish all obstacles that are placed against you, give as if your were on the receiving end of that blessing, & remember that real family is as much of a miracle as a woman giving birth into this world. Cheers to God, the very best version of you & I, & a new world full of new blessing & opportunity. #PlanFocusExecute#Pray#DeeJaB

-DeeJa B.


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